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Jim Lippold, HIS, MS, Owner

Jim has been a part of the hearing healthcare profession since he was a child. His father is a Dr. of Audiology and former UW-Eau Claire Audiology Professor. Jim grew up helping at the family clinic-it’s in his DNA to be highly successful at helping people hear. He worked with his father for many years, furthering his experience at an ENT clinic. Jim started his own hearing healthcare practice with his wife, Sara, over ten years ago. In January of 2022, their practice in Oshkosh expanded to include Madison Hearing Aid Center, a family-owned business for over 65 years.

Jim takes the time to educate patients about hearing loss and tinnitus beyond a clinical level, bringing it to a personal level. This allows patients to benefit from a newfound understanding of their individual hearing loss, for deeper understanding and empowerment to reach past it. Jim replaces patient’s concerns over their hearing loss with knowledge, as well as solutions.

And that’s just the beginning. After over fifteen years of hearing healthcare experience, he is an expert in consultative care and excels at the art and science of fine-tuning state-of-the-art hearing instruments. This ensures patients unequivocally get most out of their hearing aid if one is needed. He likes to point out that the difference between a successful hearing aid wearer, and one that isn’t, comes down to the ability of the person that fit the hearing aid. 

Jim takes on complex hearing losses with patients who have been told there is “no help,” and is often able to offer solutions. He encourages people to seek a second opinion with him because if there are some frequencies left to work with, he will give it an “above and beyond” try.

Jim is a speaker and educator on hearing loss, tinnitus, and hearing loss prevention. His favorite educational role thus far was a weekly radio show he and his father hosted. He enjoys educating the Madison community about hearing health - and meeting new people. Truly, it’s his experience level combined with an easy-to-approach personality that allows him to stand out for his patients and sets the stage for continuing the long-standing tradition of extraordinary experiences patients receive when they visit Madison Hearing Aid Center.


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